On Finishing Seminary

  This December I will finish a six-year journey and mark the end of my Master of Divinity program. The looming finish line has caused me to do some reflecting about my time as a student. On one level, there are many practical outcomes that I anticipated in the beginning. I learned Hebrew and Greek, … More On Finishing Seminary

Lord Huron, Longing, and Presence

Live a three-dimensioned life;    stay away from screens.    Stay away from anything    that obscures the place it is in.    There are no unsacred places;    there are only sacred places    and desecrated places. –Wendell Berry, “How to Be a Poet” One of my favorite bands, Lord Huron, opened their tour last night in Grand Rapids for their … More Lord Huron, Longing, and Presence

Quick Thoughts on “Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry”

I was introduced to the agrarian world of the writer, Wendell Berry, in my intro to philosophy class in college. I have been an avid reader of Berry ever since. His novels, essays, and poetry, have been a rich source of comfort, hope, and rebuke in my life. There is something to Berry’s writing that … More Quick Thoughts on “Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry”

The Character of God’s Rule

Will Trump allow waterboarding? “We’re going to have a president who will never say what we’ll never do,” says Gov. Mike Pence. pic.twitter.com/GuFaQPXM8q — Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) November 20, 2016 The controversial nature of president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign and the tone of his leadership have provoked me to do some thinking about the nature of … More The Character of God’s Rule

A Prayer for the Times

The recent weeks of political turmoil and civil unrest have brought to mind a prayer written by one of my favorite Old Testament scholars, Walter Brueggemann. I think he penetrates our current time with a stunningly accurate diagnosis of our culture (both Christian and non). I hope you’ll find Dr. Brueggemann’s words as comforting and … More A Prayer for the Times

The Grammar of Scripture

Much can and should be said of the violent rhetoric surrounding this campaign season. Liberal and conservative, news media and social media, public and private conversations, have all been saturated with unfair caricatures, incendiary comments, half-truths, dismissive assertions and triumphant shaming of whichever camp one is set against. And the worst part is much is … More The Grammar of Scripture