Let us begin again for up until now we have done nothing”

-St. Francis

Life is full of new beginnings. I feel like it’s time to begin again. The past season of my life has been one of profound turbulence, change, depth, and growth. In the last three years alone I’ve gotten married, graduated from college, left long time jobs, moved to the middle east and back, and began attending grad school for theology and Biblical studies. The proverbial “dust” is settling on a lot of major events and it’s time to allow those to begin to inform my being-in-the-world.

This blog, Lord willing, will be a new place for me to begin to articulate this “new beginning” as it unfolds. I’ve renamed my blog  “being-in-the-world”, which is nod toward the late 20th century German philosopher Martin Heidegger. Heidegger’s primary work was in the existential and phenomenological philosophy that delves deeply into the importance of  embodied human experience and perception. I hope that this blog will be an accurate and graceful reflection of myself as I work out my own “being-in-the-world” as a faithful Christian, husband, and student of the Biblical text.

The next post will begin to interact with my experience in Palestine. Walls, boarders, culture, religion, and bombs.

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