Taking Genesis 1 Seriously

This post was written by one of my professors. In seminary, I’m constantly reminded of the culture wars at play and the politicalization of the Biblical text. This post was an extremely potent reminder to always let God’s word have effects on my life!

Faith Improvised

I used to teach evangelical undergrads who were not only well-versed in a scientific reading of Genesis 1 but were thoroughly saturated in the highly-charged rhetoric of the culture wars.

In one course I included a few sessions that focused on the text of Genesis 1-2.

I’d typically begin by noting that I was really tired of being at a school that didn’t take Genesis 1 seriously. That usually got their attention.

“Honestly,” I would say, “I look around at this campus, at many faculty, and most of you students, and it seems to me that no one has any regard for what God says here.”

They all eyed me with shock by the time I carried on like this for a few more minutes. This was a culture that, if anything, imagined that it stood alone for the integrity of Genesis 1.

I would then distribute copies of the…

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