A New Work

Friends and Family,

We’ve been called to plant a church! We’ve gone through quite a process of discernment over the last several years and it feels amazing to finally announce this news in an official capacity. Kris has been in the process of discernment for ordination and church planting with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) for a little over four years. Thanks be to God, Kris was recently ordained to the priesthood and commissioned as a church planter for Grand Rapids by The Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes.

What is Anglicanism?

Anglicanism is the third largest Christian denomination in the world and uniquely combines the authority of the Scriptures, the historic nature of the Christian faith, and the beauty of a life of prayer. The ACNA website says it best, “(Anglicanism)… is rooted in tradition, yet contemporary in practice. It is united in substance, yet diverse in expression. We are a global family living out our faith in local communities”. To be an Anglican, then, is not to embrace a distinct version of Christianity, but a distinct way of being a “Mere Christian”. This way is marked by prayer, historic Christian practices, and liturgical formation.

What is this new church all about?

We’re all about discovering what it means to be a Christian person in our complex world. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always struggled to integrate Sunday morning with Monday afternoon. What does the content of my faith have to do with the substance of my life? The unique combination of corporate rhythms of prayer, meeting Christ through Word and Sacrament, and following Jesus through the Church Calendar has given our family a robust way of being Christian. We’ve discovered a strong sense of belonging within a people rooted in prayer and Christian practice. We’re passionate about joining other like minded folks to pursue Christ and live in light of his Kingdom. The vision for our church is nothing more and nothing less than a wholistic following of Jesus and His Kingdom. This is why we’re naming our fellowship Christ Church Anglican.

At Christ Church we’re committed to…

Hearing from Jesus… in Word and Sacrament by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Following Jesus…through the historic Church calendar and being sent on mission by the Spirit to the glory of the Father.

Abiding in Jesus… by the will of the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit in historic Christian practices, daily prayer, and living a life of radical hospitality.

In the New Testament, the gospel always unleashes a new culture of Kingdom oriented dynamics. We live in a busy culture. As Christian people, we desire to abide in a Kingdom-culture of margin. We live in a consumer culture. As Christian people, we desire to inhabit a Kingdom-culture of generosity and hospitality. We live in an over-stimulated and fragmented culture. We desire to extend invitations to Kingdom focused rhythms of grace, belonging, and unity. 

How can you get involved?

Join a Home Parish…The vision of Christ Church is to be a parish of parishes. The Christian life is lived in community with the Body of Christ. And as we continue to live through a pandemic, we’re learning (more than ever) that the bulk of Christian discipleship doesn’t happen through large corporate gatherings, but throughout the week in neighborhoods, backyards, porches, and over meals. We have several communities living lives of rhythmic prayer and hospitality in their neighborhoods. These Home Parishes unite on Sunday for worship through Word and Sacrament. Would you consider belonging to our community as we learn to follow Jesus?

Partner with us financially… We are raising funds as church planters. We have a goal of raising $2,500 of monthly supporters for a duration of 24 months to help us launch our church plant. This money will go to offset our salary so our parish can use tithes and offerings for local mission in Grand Rapids. If you’re interested in partnering monthly or through a one-time gift, please donate here. Type “GR” in the memo line so that our sponsoring parish knows how to categorize the funds. Would you consider partnering with us to provide our salary until our community is financially self-sufficient?

Pray for our community… We believe in the power of prayer. We believe that God listens to our petitions and moves by his Spirit in our midst. Would you consider being an intercessor for our family and ask God to build the Church in Grand Rapids? 

Christ Church is called to be a community shaped by Jesus. This means we’re called to live a life of humility and sacrifice shaped by the cross. We’re called to submit to a life of generosity and hospitality shaped by resurrection power. And we’re called to inhabit alternative rhythms of grace in accordance with  our ascended Lord’s Kingdom. 

Would you pray and discern if God is calling you to join us? We’ll be in touch with you about ways to partner, pray, and get involved in the weeks to come.

May the peace of Christ be with you.

  • Kris, Emily, Levi, and Luke

Interested in learning more? Contact us!

Email: krisrolls6688@gmail.com

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