The Grammar of Scripture

Much can and should be said of the violent rhetoric surrounding this campaign season. Liberal and conservative, news media and social media, public and private conversations, have all been saturated with unfair caricatures, incendiary comments, half-truths, dismissive assertions and triumphant shaming of whichever camp one is set against. And the worst part is much is … More The Grammar of Scripture

Midwives of New-Creation

Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of God, 15 and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” Mark 1:14b-15 I’ve always struggled with how the logic of God’s Kingdom works. Where is it explicitly? How does one experience it? How “much” of it is actually here? And most practically… … More Midwives of New-Creation

“The Apostle Paul and the Christian Life” – A Short Review

I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging on a regular basis. As it turns out, I write semi-regularly for my seminary’s blog: I just wrote this piece for an upcoming post about a new book written by a faculty member at GRTS. So I thought I would re-post it here as a move … More “The Apostle Paul and the Christian Life” – A Short Review

The Gift of Reading

I’d like to share a quote from a passionately written book by Eugene Peterson. I pray that it will help us put good use to our reading–especially our reading of Holy Scripture. As a graduate student, this quote served as a good reminder to be present, open, receptive, and above all, gracious in my readings … More The Gift of Reading

Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham

On Tuesday, my small corner of the internet erupted with controversy and emphatic support of polarized ideologies, when the famous creation apologist, Ken Ham, debated Bill Nye “The Science Guy”. I’ll admit that there was also a healthy degree of cynical dismissal of the event too. I know I contributed my fair share of passive-aggressive … More Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham

The Role of the People of God in Ephesians

The Church is the answer. (So is Jesus but that’s assumed) I’m currently taking a class on the book  of Ephesians. It’s been such a joy to mine the complexities of Paul’s vision for God’s people as I’ve dissected the letter from various angles. During the course of the class, I’ve learned to approach Paul–particularly … More The Role of the People of God in Ephesians


“Let us begin again for up until now we have done nothing” -St. Francis Life is full of new beginnings. I feel like it’s time to begin again. The past season of my life has been one of profound turbulence, change, depth, and growth. In the last three years alone I’ve gotten married, graduated from … More Pilgrimage